About Us

Delmarva Poodle Rescue is a group of volunteer poodle fanciers who have shown in performance and conformation, own grooming or boarding kennels, or just have a love for the breed. There was an unmet need for the rescue of poodles in this area and we came together to help these dogs become mentally and physically healthy so that their next home will be successful. We do it for the love of dogs and the realization that the talents within our organization can address many needs. We believe that with all of our combined years of experience in rescue/dogs we can provide a professional service for the placement of poodles.

Our mission is to rescue adoptable poodles who have been lost, abandoned, or surrendered by their owners; provide them with appropriate medical care including spaying/neutering; evaluate their temperaments; rehabilitate/re-socialize them, when necessary, and place them in permanent, loving, homes.

We are an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Application For Adoption

We look forward to receiving your application and really appreciate your interest in being rescued by a great poodle!

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