Adopting Poodles in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Delmarva Poodle Rescue is a group of volunteers who have come together to help poodles find their forever homes.

Please browse our gallery of available dogs, then contact us if you'd like to apply to adopt a dog.

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News from Delmarva Poodle Rescue

CoCo and BB

CoCo (four years) and BB (8 years) have been together and really have a bond.  We would like to keep them as a couple.  They were given up to a shelter when their owner had passed away.  They are loving, sweet dogs and were obviously adored.  He is just an elegant gentleman while CoCo is a bit more reserved in new situations.

Fred Ex

The girls at DPR named me Fred Ex! A kindly Fed Ex man spotted me running on the road. I am such a personable guy that I came right up to him! He took me to my friends at DPR and even though they do poodles (I don't have lick of poodle in me) they thought I was such a cute guy that they were happy to take me in, clean me up, get me neutered and updated on shots. I am about 12-18 months, love people and would like an active family. I love to play with people, toys and other dogs. I look a lot like a cairn terrier, but certainly a terrier mix.