Adopting Poodles in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Delmarva Poodle Rescue is a group of volunteers who have come together to help poodles find their forever homes.

Please browse our gallery of available dogs, then contact us if you'd like to apply to adopt a dog.

Please also contact us if you need to surrender a dog.

News from Delmarva Poodle Rescue


Leo is an unbelievably nice black miniature poodle puppy that is black with some whit mismarks.  He is 10-11 months old and is ready for an active family who will play with him, teach him some obedience and how to walk on a leash.  He is crate trained and housebroken.  He came from a home and is a very good house pet.  Adoption pending!!!!


Bella is as pretty inside as she is out.  She is a white miniature poodle who is 10-11 months old.  She is playful, sweet and just adorable!  She loves people, other dogs and just being adored.  She is crate trained and housebroken-she has been in a home and was well cared for.  She will need puppy classes to walk on a leash.  A great puppy for any active family.  No small children and a fenced in yard suggested.  Adoption fee $600.


Toto loves people, other dogs and living life!  Funny, outgoing and playful, Toto is a 10-11 month old black miniature poodle with white mismarks.  He nneds and active family who will take him to obedience, on walks and for rides in the car.  He has been in a home and is housebroken and crate trained.  A great boy!  No small children.  A fence is suggested and he will be great with another dog in the family. Adoption Pending!!!